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The 1st and 2nd days of the Second Comenius meeting in Poland

24 март 2013 13:46, ОУ "Е. Багряна" (XII) (ОУ "Е. Багряна" (XII))
Излъчване: ОУ "Е. Багряна" (XII) преди 9 години, брой четения: 2644
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Bulgarian first travel was in Poland, Tarnobrzeg. Our group (3 teachers and 6 students) presented our school, our town and our country with traditional song, traditional dance, an English song and drama example of "Little Prince". We participated in all activities all the days during our stay in Poland. We saw many interesting places and things and have new ideas about our future work on the multilateral school project .

Thanks to all our hosts- Polish students and their parents, all colleagues of the 4th Primary School in Tarnobrzeg we spent splendid and wonderful 5 days there.


work programmeCertificateon the airportOn the airport Dancing during the coffee pause on the road Warsaw -TarnovbrzegBefore the Welcome party in the schoolThe Bulgarian danceThe Bulgarian danceSchool roomsSchool roomsSchool roomsMeeting with the mayorMeeting with the mayorMeeting with the mayorMeeting with the mayorWalking round the townWalking round the townWalking round the townWalking round the townWalking round the townPolish artistsPolish artistsPolish artistsBulgarian artistsTurkish dancersRomanian  danceRomanian  songBulgarian folk songBulgarian folk danceTurkish musicItalian students played the European anthem