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The meeting In Turkey

21 април 2014 10:44, ОУ "Е. Багряна" (XII) (ОУ "Е. Багряна" (XII))
Излъчване: ОУ "Е. Багряна" (XII) преди 8 години, брой четения: 2633

The second day-trip to Capadokia. We departed very early in the morning on 9th April because the trip was long. We had packets as breakfast and we visited firstly the underground part of the museum, where were hided the very first Christians. The next visit was at the houses and Churches in the open-air Capadokia's museum. Our impressions are remarkable.



All participants in the meetingBulgarian groupbefore the breakfastsuterren CapadokiaIn the potterycapadokiaLunch timeA.....