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The 4th day in Karaman

21 април 2014 13:14, ОУ "Е. Багряна" (XII) (ОУ "Е. Багряна" (XII))
Излъчване: ОУ "Е. Багряна" (XII) преди 8 години, брой четения: 2688
Welcome again in the school

In the morning we went to the school and we planted rose rfom every partner in the School garden. We visited some lessons in the low secondary classes and we saw the picture of our ex-student Simona that we gave to the Turkish friends in Poland on the wall-a very special good feeling for all of our group.After the lunch we go to the Directorate of Education where we met the Director of Education in Karaman and the Responsible of the work on European projects. We saw a Christian ortodoxe church and the Centre of Turkish culture-the demonstration of the art "Ebru" was very interesting as well as the garment of the men used to fowl with arrows and arbalet.





Welcome again in the schoolWelcome again in the schoolWelcome again in the schoolRose from bulgariaPlanting the rosesWith Mr ZyiaThe picture of SimonaVisiting lessonsPlanting the rosesGiving the certificatesGiving the certificatesGiving the certificatesGiving the certificatesWaiting to see Director of EducationGiving the present to DirectorThe meeting with the Director of EducationTurkish Culture centerTurkish Culture centerTurkish Culture centerThe exposition in the schoolThe exposition in the schoolThe responsible of the European project' workTogether with Turkish colleaguesThe exposition in the schoolWith the Turkish students