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The high-output alternator A203-T1 28V/400 A can replace two standard alternators

11 February 2019 11:19, Kamen Edrev
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High-Output Alternator A203/11/ 28V, 400A

The high-output alternator is made with a brushless technology and is capable of replacing two standard alternators in heavy-duty machinery, transit and city buses, trucks, etc. The brushless technology guarantees low maintenance costs and high reliability of all high output alternators.


Benefits of using our high-output alternator:

1. High Current Output (28V, 400A at 6000 RPM)

2. High Efficiency up to 85%

3. High Reliability

4. Increase Fuel Economy


Alternator Installation Procedure

1. Replace the primary alternator with DYNAMO A203-T1 28V/400 A

2. Remove the supplemental alternator

3. Remove extra belt and pulley

4. Attach all loads to DYNAMO A203-T1 28V/400 A


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Alternator Installation ProcedureHigh Output Alternator Replacement


High-Output Alternator replaces two alternators [2.49MB]

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