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Parliament will not hold extraordinary sitting on Monday to discuss transfer of Witness Protection Bureau to Justice Ministry, Iva Miteva says

12 September 2021 12:53, Stanimir Petkov
Emission of: Tuida News 2 months ago, number of readings: 86
National Assembly President Iva Miteva

“There will definitely not be an extraordinary parliamentary sitting on Monday because the proposal was submitted too late, and that would be a breach of the rules of organization and procedure,” Iva Miteva, President of the National Assembly said for bTV.

She added that she does not know when parliament will be dissolved but that she hopes that on Wednesday, the MPs will hold a regular sitting. That is why she urges President Rumen Radev not to dissolve the National Assembly before that.

At the proposal of “Democratic Bulgaria” and “Stand Up, BG! We Are Coming!”, an extraordinary sitting on Monday was supposed to consider, at second reading, the act regarding the transfer of the Bureau for Witness Protection from the Prosecutor General to the Ministry of Justice.

Source: BNR
Photo: bTV